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The 9th First Annual Sedona Turkey Trot 5K
Presented by Sedona Running Company
Thursday 22 November 2018

Online registration is now closed. You can register in-person at Sedona Running Company - 162-c Coffeepot Dr. on Tuesday until 5 and on Wednesday between 10-6. Thanks!

The start and finish will be at Posse Grounds Park in Sedona, AZ. There is ample parking in the lot across from the skate park and that building that keeps changing purposes based on who gets elected to city council.

$35 if registered before 31 October 2018 (Early Turkey Special)
$40 if registered between 1 November and 21 November 2018 
$45 on race morning (cash or credit accepted)
That's a small price to pay to avoid your in-laws for the morning!!
(NOTE - For the past 7 years we have sold out all of our entries on the day before the race and had to turn people away...this made me very sad and I was forced to seek comfort in my cats. Please register early and spare my cats the responsibility of having to deal with my snot-filled sobbing.)

The course will be an out-and-back with a small loop on Soldier Pass Rd. I know it would seem more legit if I posted a map here, but just Google "kittens playing with puppies" and watch the first few videos that come up. In a short time you will forget that you wanted to see a map of the course. 

The race will be expertly timed and scored by Run Flagstaff (a Flagstaff, AZ based company) using RFID chip technology.

Wednesday 21 November
10am – 6pm: registration and packet pick-up at Sedona Running Company (in the Bashas Shopping Center)

Thursday 22 November
8am – 9am: packet pick-up at Posse Grounds Park
9am – 10:15am: race
10:15am – 10:45am: awards ceremony
(NOTE: This is Sedona, so all times are subject to slight variations based on Mercury's retrograde)

Do you need an extra challenge in life? Do you like being a spectacle? Do you like people pointing at you and laughing? Do you answer rhetorical questions in your head? If you answered yes to any of these then you may want to consider the IRON TURKEY CHALLENGE. This involves running (or walking) the entire race carrying your Thanksgiving turkey (preferably prior to cooking). You won't win any additional prizes, but you will win the admiration of your fellow runners AND some unparalleled respect from your race director. We had about 5 IRON TURKEY CHALLENGE finishers in last year's race so there actually are people out there willing to do this stuff. You don't need to do anything different for registration in order to run the Turkey Challenge...just show up on race morning with bird in hand. 

In lieu of t-shirts we will be giving out something that will give your life meaning and direction. Medals will be given to all finishers. Trophies will be given to all age group winners. CPR will be given to anyone who passes out before the final hill at the finish line. 

There will be 2 water stops evenly spaced along the course. There will be light snacks served after the race including fruit, bagels, and pumpkin pie (yup, that says pumpkin pie...in fact, we will probably just have pumpkin pie since I wound up taking home a ton of uneaten fruit and bagels after the last few races while the pie disappeared in minutes...I see where priorities are.)

Top male
Top female
The male and female top finisher in each age group will receive an award:
20 – 29
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59
60 – 69
70 and over

1. You are required to laugh at all of Adam's (the Race Director) jokes throughout the entire day. He has a fragile ego and no one wants to see him cry on Thanksgiving.
2. Be EXTRA nice to the volunteers...they are waking up at 4am on a holiday to ensure that your race goes smoothly.
3. Be EXTRA nice to the law enforcement officers who are directing traffic...they are also waking up at 4am and they WILL remember who you are if you aren't extra nice.
4. If you would like to enter the Iron Turkey Challenge then the ONLY thing you need to do is show up on race day with your frozen or thawed turkey. (NOTE: Please don't be “that guy” who thinks that they found a loophole in the system and brings a turkey leg or a slice of turkey. There needs to be 2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 breasts, skin, and a bunch of gross organs...oh, and they all have to be connected.)
5. Runners are only eligible for a single prize (Overall or Age Group).
6. Due to the upfront costs associated with the race there will be no refunds given for registration.
7. The race course will NOT be closed to traffic, so to ensure a zen-like awareness of your surroundings headphones will not be permitted (NOTE – We don't really know what the phrase “zen-like” means, but it sounds very Sedona-like).
8. Dogs, wheelchairs and strollers are all permitted on the course.

Final results (are there any other kind of results?) can be found here after the completion of the event.

QUESTIONS - adam@sedonarunning.com