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Sedona Running Company Vertical Challenge

June 2012

“I want to get high.”

-Cypress Hill


The Vertical Challenge is a virtual footrace hosted by Sedona Running Company. The event will run from Friday 1 June 2012 until Saturday 30 June 2012. Each athlete will track their daily vertical gain from their runs and hikes for the entire month of June using either GPS, verified beta (race website, trail guides, etc), or trailhead and summit markings. Athletes are on the HONOR SYSTEM in regards to their submitted information (don't cheat and be a douchebag).

SCOTT BAJER - I have been running for 7 years and my first ultra was the Grand Canyon double crossing in 2010. In retospect I probably should have died in that first Canyon adventure. My first 100 will be Leadville in August (I picked an easy one). I am from Flagstaff and sometimes have a beard, thus I will be winning.  

JIM PLANT- I am a vertically challenged individual, who has scoured the USA for the highest peak. I have found one near my house (in NC) that is 500' (that is high right?). I do run Umstead from time to time and rumour has it that there is even a 550' PEAK there!!!! I will be in Switzerland at the end of the month and hope to convert all of my feet into the metric system. Vert is Vert.

NATE COURY- I eat more bananas in a day than hours you are awake...I also go through more rolls of toilet paper a day than hours most are awake. I have succesfully completed the cinnamon challenge, I laugh at the accomplishments of the other Courys.

LINDSAY SCHEIWILLER - Run...Eat...Sell Shoes...Play with Cats.....

JAY DANEK - I started running three years ago when my dad passed away and I drank and ate my way up to 265 lbs. I have since dropped 100 lbs. and ran 15 ultras, 2 100's and have ran 808 consecutive days of at least four miles. Last year I ran over 4,000 miles and this year I will be around 4,500 with more vertcal miles than the entire town of Silverton - BRING IT ON Northern AZ! 

MARJ HAAS - I am a late-life athlete from CT now living in Sedona. My marathons have spanned from NYC to San Diego. I take great pride in my name "Old Woman Who Runs Slow And Sometimes Goes Off Course And Finishes Last". I hate hills yet I do all of my training on the Sedona Marathon course.

REBECCA ELLIS - I am hoping that the Vertical Challenge adds a bit more dimension to my summer. So when I'm just hanging around the house this summer I can say, "Hey, let's go and get some vert." See how interesting this makes summer. Up, up, up, and up some more.

EVAN REIMONDO - I recently earned my Master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy which will put me in the unemployment line right behind Journalism majors and people who used to work at Arthur Anderson. I'll be happily employed on a trail crew in Colorado this summer, so I'm basically the only one who will be earning my vert while at work. I eat vertical miles like I eat chocolate chip cookies...often and in great quantities. I eat and run because I'm more unhappy than a 13 year old middle school goth kid, and I'm unhappy because I eat and run so much. This chemical imbalance is all part of a vicious, monster-quad-building cycle. Oh, and those Phoenicians are going down!!

MARK COSMAS - I own iRun in Phoenix (Adam didn't want to publish that fact since he thought it might be a conflict of interest, but my crack legal team convinced him otherwise). My favorite song is "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

JEREMY DOUGHERTY - Started running in the Army years ago. Hated that so held off for a while mastering the art of fat retention. First ultra was R2R2R in 2008. Almost killed my friend in a blizzard. So I was naturally hooked. He was not. I never win races but certainly have fun mastering the ever evolving world of bonking. I love La Sportiva shoes, unreasonably high levels of caffeine and downhill running. Race Director for the Mogollon Monster 100 Endurance Race in Pine, Arizona

 Elizabeth Davis    Flagstaff, AZ  17538
 Lindsay "L2KScheiwiller  30  Sedona, AZ  55071
 Chris "My Calves Have a Zip Code" Gerber    Boulder, CO  47539
 Jamil Coury    Phoenix, AZ (Silverton, CO)  75990
 Nick Coury    Phoenix, AZ (Silverton, CO)  33060
 Scott "Honey" Bajer "Doesn't give a sh*t"  37  Flagstaff, AZ  35821
 Jay "McDowell Mountain Man" Danek  36  Phoenix, AZ  56024
 Ludo Pierson    Flagstaff, AZ  21776
 Mark "AZSpeedGoatCosmas  44  Phoenix, AZ  21003
 Marj Haas  66  Sedona, AZ  2000
 Jeremy "Chief Monster Chaser" Dougherty  31  Phoenix, AZ  21950
 Michael Skeer    Sedona, AZ  13625
 Evan "QuadmondoReimondo  26  Flagstaff, AZ (Aspen, CO...what a douche)  17000
 Nathan "Flow Runna" Coury  22  Tempe, AZ  -1700
 Jim "Jimbo" Plant  47  NC (it doesn't really matter which city)  18189
 Rebecca Ellis  51  Sedona, AZ  8347
 Judy Dutra    Sedona, AZ  0
 James Bonnett    Phoenix, AZ  63653