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about the owners

Adam Gifford

Adam started his endurance career as a fastpacker and peakbagger in the mountains and deserts of the Southwest. From there he branched into ultrarunning, mountain bike racing, triathlon, road racing, and long distance kayak racing. Adam has been a sponsored athlete since 2007 and is currently a member of the prestigious
La Sportiva Mountain Running Team. His current sponsors include: La Sportiva, Greenlayer Sports, 1st Endurance, Petzl, Ultimate Direction, Julbo Sunglasses, and Defeet. Adam continues to compete in a number of difference endurance events throughout the year at as many locations as possible around the country.

Other cool stuff:
- USATF Track & Field Coach - Level 1
- USAC Cycling Coach - Level 3
- Member of the prestigious La Sportiva Mountain Running Team
- Product tester for Brooks Running
- Covered over 1500 miles in the Grand Canyon
- Completed over 40 ultramarathons including a number of 100-mile finishes
- Completed over 50 road and trail races in distances between 5k and marathon
- Completed over 20 triathlons including 2 iron distance finishes
- Completed Hole-to-Hump (95 miles from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the summit of Mt. Humphreys)

Lindsay Scheiwiller

Lindsay is in charge of bringing balance and harmony to the store. She is as much of an avid ultrarunner as she is a wine lover. She feels just as comfortable in a pair of racing flats as she does in a pair of cute flip-flops. She is also an expert in pretending that Adam's jokes are actually funny so as not to injure his fragile ego. To compliment her life of balance she has won numerous age group awards in races that range anywhere from a 5K up to a 100K...she even has age group wins in races that are measured in miles as well.

Some of Lindsay's notable race finishes include:
- Chimera 100 (2nd female overall)
- The Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run
- San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run (3rd female overall)
- Bishop High Sierra 100k (1st age group)
- Croom Fools 50k
- Old Pueblo 50 Miler
- Colorado River 100 Mile Kayak Race
- Marathon of the Palm Beaches
- Gasparilla Marathon
- Whiskey Row Marathon (1st age group)
- Sedona Half-marathon (1st age group)
- Lost Dutchman Marathon (3rd age group)


Cozmo prefers to work from home so he can nap, lick himself, and stare at the birds on the porch.

Some of Cozmo's notable skills are:
- Sleeping for 20 hours straight
- Almost catching lizards
- Chasing a laser pointed around the living room
- Shedding on black clothing


Jub-Jub is our newest employee and is already on lifetime probation.

Some of Jub-Jub's notable skills are:
-Breaking things
-Chewing on things
-Terrorizing bugs and laser pointers

Lil' Wee

Lil' Wee also works from home because that's where his "sand box" is located.

Some of Lil' Wee's notable skills are:
- Keeping humans awake throughout the night
- Sprinting for no apparent reason
- Falling off of things