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running in sedona

Listed below you'll find some of the best trail running loops in the world (and by "world" I mean "Sedona")...if you're all techy like then you can upload these routes to your GPS...if you're "that guy" who believes that this Internet thing is a fad (kind of like democracy and Easter) then you can print the maps. Of course you can always stop by the store for a detailed description of running and hiking routes around the area (and then buy stuff out of guilt). 
 Ugly New Jersey  10.4  What just happened!!!
 Creepy Balloon Animal Guy  15.72  Writing a family friendly limerick
 Fake Vortex  9.17  Algebra 2
 Absent Minded Psychic  7.12  Field sobriety test
 VOC You  7.5  7
 Culture Free  9.59  Getting a date while playing Dungeons & Dragons
 Breakfast Wine  7.69  Icelandic poetry read backwards
 Dr. Seuss  7.16  Adjusting to changes in Facebook
 Awkward Teen Years  4.79 5.14c 
 Fear & Loathing in Sedona  8.07  Potato

Oh yeah...enjoy some videos while you are sitting at your desk and pretending to work (hint: in order to look REALLY busy, occasionally squint and lean in to your computer screen and then pretend to write something on a note pad.)

 Running on Casner Mountain, east of Sedona. Some time in February 2011.  
 Running on the trail around Sedona before, during, and after a snow/sleet/hail/rain storm. Some time in February 2011.  
 Running on the Black Canyon Trail near Cottonwood, AZ. Some time in the middle of April.  
Running the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim. Some time near the end of May 2011.   
Running the Casner Canyon Loop sometime in the summer when it was kinda hot and stupid (Allens Bend to Casner Canyon to Schnebly Hill Rd to Huckaby)